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MTAA members are providing updates to their members on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) including information about occupational health and safety, workplace relations and other important information. In addition, each state government and the commonwealth government are providing assistance packages to help businesses.

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The Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) regards the automotive supply chain as essential services defined by Part 1, Section 4, Clause 1, (l) - Essential Services Act 1988 (NSW); Section 3,Clause (a), (b) and (g) - Essential Services Act 1958 (Victoria); Section 2, Interpretation - Essential Services Act 1981 (SA) and companion legislation where it exists in other jurisdictions.

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A group of South Australian motor body repairers appeared before the South Australian Economic and Finance Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into the Collision Repair and Insurance Industry during the last week as the Committee continues its investigations.

The hearing provided an opportunity for Members of Parliament to ask repairers how their businesses and consumers are affected by insurer behaviour. The hearing discussed the issues of steering, funny time, funny money, use of non-genuine parts, and assessment procedures.


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