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MTAA CEO, Richard Dudley met with the President of the North and South Carolina Motor Collison Repairers Association Brian Davies of Bodyworks Plus Collision Repair Centre while attending another conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Discussions centred on the concerns and issues facing the motor body repair industry in the states of North and South Carolina, and the United States more generally as well as a briefing on key issues facing the Australian Industry in comparison.

 The Carolina’s association is part of a group of progressive collision repair associations stretching from Texas to New Jersey that lead advocacy and representation for the Collision repair industry nationally and came onto the MTAA /AMBRA radar when they reached out to obtain more information about the AMBRA Cost Calculator.

While there are strong insurance company market participants, none are as dominant as Australia’s two market leaders leading to much stronger competition between insurers with collision repairers. There is also no ownership of shops by insurance companies and strong state-based legislation.

Mr Davies demonstrated software initiatives and provided a tour of his ICAR Gold certified facilities. MTAA will progress further work on examining the potential for increased collaboration, and cooperation and sharing of information between US Associations and AMBRA.


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