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Consumer Complaint Form for potential poor behaviours experienced by consumers at a body repair business

MTAA and AMBRA are supporting the ability of consumers to protect their right to choose their automotive body repairer

Guidelines for use of Consumer Complaint form for potential poor behaviours experienced by consumers at a body repair business.

The attached Consumer Complaint Form is designed to assist motor body repair business owners who are subjected to consumer complaints about the way in which they believe they have been treated in exercising their choice of repairer. These guidelines are to provide assistance in the use of the form.

  • The Consumer Complaint Form is a tool available for repair business owners to provide to a consumer in the event of receiving a legitimate complaint about a negative experience in exercising their right of choice of repairer. It should not be a form that is used by other staff unless familiar with and understand the forms intent and purpose.
  • The form is not designed, provided or intended to attack preferred repairer network participants or their right to work assigned to them by insurance company partners. It is about the experience of consumers who feel they have been subjected to poor behaviours in exercising their choice of repairer irrespective of the type of repairer.
  • The form should only be used in cases of genuine first-hand consumer complaint. It is not a promotional tool to encourage consumer complaints. To use the form in such a manner could be likened to the behaviours that drew the need to initially design and provide the form.
  • The form is not an online or social media tool and cannot be distributed or used for this purpose.
  • It is a Point-Of-Sale form and should be kept as a hard printed form in the reception area of the business and provided to a customer if in the judgement of the business owner, the customer is strongly aggrieved or concerned at any pressure or poor behaviour they believe they have experienced in exercising their right to choose a repairer.
  • It is designed not to involve the repairer but to provide the repairer an ability to assist the consumer should the consumer wish to bring their experience to the attention of authorities.
  • The repair business owner should not influence the consumer complaint or the filling out of the form other than to offer to scan the form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • The repair business owner should ensure that contact details are provided including the claim number.
  • The repair business owner should make it clear to the consumer that in filling out the form, their details will be used by MTAA to make contact with them, verify the complaint and to seek authorisation to provide details of the complaint and the complainant to regulatory authorities, if required.

MTAA Ltd - November 2017

Disclaimer: the MTAA requests that the above guidance information and the Consumer Complaint Form be downloaded and distributed in hard copy form only by a motor body repair business owner / operator for use at their premises. It is not to be distributed electronically or on-line.

You can download the Consumer Complaint Form below.


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